Pharmed – Remote Rep Sage 50

“Processing Orders on the Road”



Pharmed supply chemists throughout Ireland and the UK.  They have a number of reps on the road taking orders directly from the customer.  Previously they took the order in an order book and sent by email, fax, and phone back to head office for processing and delivery.  Pharmed are a Sage Line 50 user for the last 7 years.


This method of processing was deemed to be inefficient.  The reps had no idea of their sales total, head office admin needed to re-input the orders and any short fall promotions would be known after the fact. What was needed was a mobile sales system to process orders and provide the reps with the information needed.


Remote Rep is a Android/iOS app that links with Sage 50 to give reps the tools needed to process orders on the road.



How It Works

HowItWorksThe remote rep sync system links to the accounts data to publish the data to a secure cloud server.

Reps work offline and periodically sync with the data to get the latest customer balances, prices and promotions.

Orders are placed and when connected the rep sync’s the orders back to head office.

The orders arrive to the remote rep manager, which is similar to an order inbox where final verification is performed by admin staff.

The order is then posted and processed in the accounts system as normal.



Project Results

Pharmed use Remote Rep on the road to process orders back to head office.

Main Screen