Software Development


Prior to any development we spend time to understand what it is the software requirements.  This can be as simple as generating a report to a complete client server multi-screen system.  We are experienced business software developers and quickly learn your business requirement.  Once we understand we create a functional requirement to detail what the software is, how it will work and most importantly what the goals are.

DesignSystem Design

Once we know what needs to be done, we set about designing how the system will work.  Its flow, the database requirements the technology to be used.  Use cases are prepared on large systems and the business logic is tested to highlight logic bugs if any in the design.


Development starts usually after the designs have been completed.  Certain projects allow for development to start earlier as work on agreed features can be done.  Development can be assigned to one developer or multiple depending on the size, time frame and complexity of the system.  Each revision is checked in daily during this stage.


We test all systems in the alpha release.  We have 2 releases Alpha, Beta and have testers on hand to verify the design matches the release.  The client receives beta versions which should be free of obvious faults and allows the client to concentrate on the more complicated features of the software.



Go live or release is the point at which the designs are now a working piece of software.  We are experienced go live people and understand the effort needed to make sure the system works.  As we deal a lot with financial software, go live usually means dealing with a critical process to the business which needs to work.


All custom software comes with 90 day go live support included.  We build our systems not to require on-going support, however, we understand businesses need to have the assurance that there is technical support available should it be needed.

CodeSource Code

The client owns all source to any project we complete and is included in the quotation price.  We store all our source code and resources on a repository which can be accessed by the client at any time should they wish to gain access to it.